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[ February 16th 2001 ]

Diamond Comics, under license from Paramount Pictures, have announced their collection of official Tomb Raider movie merchandise which include two Lara Croft T-Shirts, a Tomb Raider movie lunch box, a Lara Croft novelization and a Tomb Raider Technical Manual. The novelization by Dave Stern follows Lara on another adventure full of intrigue and mystery, while the Technical Manual features in depth information and schematic diagrams of all Lara's new movie toys, including her devastating array of gear gadgets and a run down on her new gravel spitting vehicles. Information and purchase details available from the quick links below or from diamondcomics.com

Tomb Raider Novel [n/a]

Tomb Raider Technical Manual [$15.95]

Tomb Raider Lunch Box [$21.00]

Tomb Raider T-Shirt Edition #1 [$17.99]

Tomb Raider T-Shirt Edition #2 [$17.99]

Paramount Pictures 120m Tomb Raider movie, helmed by Con Air director Simon West, is currently undergoing final editing after wrapping up last month following seven months of filming at Pinewood Studios, London, and on location in the religious temples of Angkor Wat, Cambodia. Oscar winner Angelina Jolie joins real life father Jon Voight on screen as Eidos Interactives archaeologist adventurer Lara Croft in a fearless search for the Eye Of Ages. The silver screen conversion is expected to make it's scheduled debut across the U.S. June 15 with UK audiences waiting a further two weeks before release.

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