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[ February 15th 2001 ]

Adam Hughes, writer for Top Cow's Tomb Raider comic book series, has told Comics Continuum he will go back to basics in a new two part comic adventure he is writing for Top Cow, inviting a pool of new readers to join adventurer Lara Croft as well as catering for the old school of Tomb Raider fan.

"I can tell you that my intentions are to write and draw what I call an 'entry level' Lara Croft story," Hughes said. "By that, I mean, it'll be full of all the things Tomb Raider fans love about the character and her world, but new readers won't feel like 'Huh ? What's going on ? I'm coming into this in the middle of things, it feels like...' It's basically, a stand-alone story that gives fans what they love about Lara, and shows new folks who've never played the game, read the comics or are going into the movie cold, a good introduction to the character."

Adam Hughes has also designed the opening spread for the new Tomb Raider Magazine, which will soon be available across the United States and features exclusive interviews with Tomb Raider movie star Angelina Jolie accompanied by new movie action images.

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