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[ January 27th 2006 ]

The knockers of world famous archaeologist Lara Croft face the chop and we appeal for swift action from our readers to restore the leading lady of cyber-smoothness back to glory as Earth's most prolific digital icon.

The BBC in London has embarked on The Great British Design Quest, and has pitted Lara Croft against a plethora of icons including the Aston Martin DB5, the ever-popular Dr Martens boot and the binary revolution that was Sinclair's Calculator.

A full list of entries can be found HERE, with our mighty Tomb Raider sitting pretty bottom left. Spare a click in her direction if you will.

Next up is Channel 4's 100 Greatest Sex Symbol Of All Time, where once again our fearless British aristrocrat Lara Croft rubs shoulders with the likes of Johnny Depp, Kate Moss and pint-sized magi Tom Cruise.

This time we require our steely readers to select 10 names from those listed HERE, noting with a clear conscience that should nine icons that are sure to disappoint be selected along with Lara Croft, then her virtue is in safe hands.

For now at least.

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