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[ February 9th 2001 ]

RADA trained actor Iain Glen, cast as the villainous Manfred Powell in Paramount Pictures Tomb Raider movie, admits to ignorance at having never heard of Tomb Raider before Simon West cast the Scottish actor in the role of Lara's adversary.

"Before I was asked to do the film I did not know the Tomb Raider game," he admitted. "I suppose I am out of the age group when it became terribly popular. But people have come into this film from all sorts of different angles. There are those who are very aware of the game and others, like myself, who arenít. It was good and quite healthy to analyse this script purely from a feature film point of view."

The silver screen conversion of Eidos Interactive's phenomenally successful computer game is scheduled for a June 15th debut across the U.S., but is not expected to premier in the UK until July.

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