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[ February 9th 2001 ]

Another detailed look at the movie merchandise which is set to accompany the Paramount Pictures release of Tomb Raider, including a first look at Lara and S.I.M.O.N (Image 1.) which features blow-off appendages triggered by Lara's projectiles and is expected to be priced between $17-99 - $19.99.

Image 2. & 3. are 6 inch models of Lara Croft in "Combat" and "Normal" attire, which will be accompanied by a further two dolls dressed in "Motor Cycle Gear" and a "Siberian Outfit" model. The 6 inch range is expected to be priced between $6.99 - $8.99. A "Stone Monkey" action figure has also been moulded and produced.

The Tomb Raider movie merchandise will also sport two new 12 inch Lara Croft dolls, attired in "Motor Cycle Gear" and "Combat Gear." Both dolls are expected to be priced between $20.00 - $24.99. IGN also stopped off at ToyFare and snapped these images of the upcoming movie merchandise, reporting that the 12' dolls are awaiting approval before manufacturing begins.



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