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[ January 3rd 2006 ]

Computer and Video Games, the online magazine on computer and video games, has published an optimistic preview on Tomb Raider Legend and surrendered some details on a mammoth underwater level thwart with danger and intrigue for our archaeological heroine.

According to C&V, after completing a "flashback" level in Peru, Lara "arrives at an abandoned excavation site flooded with water, where we get our first glimpse of Lara's enhanced swimming abilities. Unlike other underwater sections in games, the control system isn't fully 3D (to avoid players getting confused) - default movement has Lara swimming at the same depth, while you can use the direction keys to move her up and down.

"In the first of the new underwater puzzles, Lara has to operate four crystal switches which lower the water level and reveal a clue to the mystery of the tragic event from her history. You're then into the first area of the Queen's Tomb, where Lara's 'personal light source' (a torch to you and me), illuminates the dark caverns in real-time.

"You're soon traversing ledges and fluidly leaping from wall-to-wall, with the animation of Lara giving physical feedback to you about what moves are possible, such as her head turning and looking at a reachable area."

C&V continues with information on the general control system and targeting system with a brief summary of weapons available to Lara. Click HERE to read the full preview.

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