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[ December 14th 2005 ]

Young Lara is back! That feisty, inquisitive young lass who sparred with her former mentor Werner Von Croy will once again make an appearance in Tomb Raider Legend, Eidos' seventh Lara Croft-helmed title now under the aegis of U.S. based developer Crystal Dynamics.

According to GameStar, a German video-game magazine who recently pumped Eidos for an action packed, photo-clad interview in this month's issue, Young Lara will arrive at a derelict suspension bridge where a flashback of a friend who died when the bridge collapsed will spur on a series of high octane events culminating in some arduous mountain climbing and a series of underwater challenges.

Eidos has remarkably managed to keep an air-tight lid on the plot propping up Tomb Raider Legend, but as the year winds down and fervent anticipation of next year's release begins to reach boiling point, new information begins to emanate from numerous print media properties which, of course, has been culled and pooled by our good selves - with help from our fine forum folk - by way of our constantly evolving Tomb Raider Legend Game Synopsis.

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