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[ January 31st 2001 ]

With a potential strike by Hollywood actors and writers poised to grip the American film economy and grind film production to a halt, the British film industry, which exceeded revenue projections in 2000, looks set again to leave an indelible mark on the entertainment industry as it capitalises on it's large and relatively low-paid pool of both acting and writing talent.

The financial injection into British film making dramatically increased during 2000 with around half a billion being invested into productions, and with the dollar strong and a potential Hollywood wind down threatening to starve U.S. cinema goers, studios will be looking for viable options to plug the gap of big screen movies.

This years most anticipated movie is Paramount Pictures silver screen adaptation of Tomb Raider, with Oscar winner Angelina Jolie heading an all star cast as she steps into the boots of cyber babe Lara Croft. The 120m production which utilised Britain's Pinewood Studios wrapped up late last week, and looks on course for it's June 15 world-wide premier.

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