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[ January 31st 2001 ]

Although it is still not announced if Top Cow will publish an adaptation of the Tomb Raider movie, the company has announced its Tomb Raider comics plans in months previous to the June 15 release of the film starring Angelina Jolie. Here's a rundown:

The first of these products will be the debut of the Tomb Raider Magazine in February. This issue includes an oversized reprint of the first two top selling issues, an interview with series writer Dan Jurgens, profiles of the creative team and will feature a cover by legendary artist, Adam Hughes. Top Cow will also offer for the first time, the Exclusive Tomb Raider #1: Mini-Edition Preview. Once only available with the PC version of the Tomb Raider: The Last Revelation Millennium Edition game, this mini-book includes the introduction of Lara Croft to the Top Cow Universe and a sketch book section by series artist Andy Park.

Releases will follow in March with the final issue [Tomb Raider 12] of guest artist Billy Tan's story arc. The spectacular artwork in his two issue run has drawn much praise within the industry and predict fans will be looking for more from this extremely skilled artist. April will mark the return of Tomb Raider series artist Andy Park in Tomb Raider 13. The new story arc set in Honduras will set the stage for some major developments in the year to come.

In May, the second issue of the Tomb Raider Magazine will hit stands and will feature photos from the Tomb Raider Movie and a preview of the upcoming two issue Adam Hughes Tomb Raider story which will be written and illustrated by him. This issue will have a new cover by Andy Park and will also include over-sized reprints of issues 3 and 4. Readers who have had trouble finding the earlier sold out issues will be able to pick up the series in Tomb Raider TPB #2: Mystic Artifacts which collects issue 5-10. Top Cow has not yet announced their plans for June, further announcements will be made as they are confirmed.

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