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[ September 13th 2005 ]

To mark the second World Lymphoma Awareness Day (WLAD), 50 people from 15 countries are preparing to tell their stories of how lymphoma has affected their lives. These people and their accounts of survival will serve as 'Beacons of Hope' for all those affected by lymphoma.

In an effort to increase the awareness of lymphoma, countries around the world are hosting activities such as, the illumination of buildings or landmarks, candlelight vigils and photography competitions. Lymphoma, a cancer of the blood kills nearly 200,000 people every year, yet remains one of the most poorly publicly recognised forms of cancer.

At a global event held in London, photographs of the 'Beacons of Hope' will be shown on The Shell Building, a landmark adjacent to the world famous London Eye, beginning on 13 September and ending on World Lymphoma Awareness Day, 15 September 2005. WLAD is an initiative of the Lymphoma Coalition, a network of patient groups from around the world.

Lymphoma Coalition members have nominated the 'Beacons of Hope' because of the great strength and courage they have shown in tackling or supporting others with lymphoma. All 'Beacons' send a call to action for people around the world to be aware of the disease and its symptoms.

The 'Beacons of Hope' include celebrities: model and TV personality, Nell McAndrew (UK); singer and songwriter, Darius Danesh (UK); actress Nati Mistral (Spain); professional hockey player Mario Lemieux (Canada); opera star, Anthony Warlow (Australia); and rock star, Fernando von Arb (Switzerland).

"I am living proof that lymphoma can be treated and doesn't have to be a death sentence. I didn't even know what lymphoma was when the doctors diagnosed me - I thought I had no future," said 'Beacon of Hope' Vickie Maye, a reporter for the Irish Independent.

"I have now been in remission for three years and just gave birth to a beautiful baby girl, which I never thought would happen. I am so proud to be a 'Beacon of Hope' and am grateful for this opportunity to educate the public about lymphoma."

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