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[ September 13th 2005 ]

A new collection of pictures from the Haitian Relief Charity Concert have been released featuring Oscar winning actresses Angelina Jolie and Meryl Streep. Guests at the concert, organized by Wyclef Jean to benefit his foundation, paid over $1,000 a head for dinner and dancing, and were treated to a late night concert featuring Wyclef Jean and Norah Jones.

Angelina Jolie, wearing a white top and skirt from Ralph Lauren, was modest about her role in the evening. "I'm just part of the background," the United Nations Ambassador for Refugees said.

Fellow attendee Lindsay Nolan had more to say on the contribution from Tomb Raider star Jolie. "I think she's one of those rare people who gives back as much as she does not because of the press or because of any kind of attention she gets, but because it makes her feel better."

In Pictures: Angelina Jolie attends Haitian Relief concert

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