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[ September 8th 2005 ]

Nell McAndrew, the feisty former Lara Croft model turned TV presenter turned reality TV star come fitness guru and purveyor of charitable causes, is preparing to put her driving skills to the test in a new BBC series Stars In Fast Cars.

According to Leeds Today, the 31-year-old pin-up and her fellow competitors tackle a series of motoring challenges every bit as insane as those faced by Ms Pitstop and co in telly cartoon Wacky Races. Exact details of all Nell's events have yet to be announced, but by all accounts at one stage she had to go off-road in a safari-themed contest filmed at Thruxton Motorsport Centre.

Other slices of automotive madness dreamed up by the programme's producers include driving petrol-powered armchairs, taking a penalty with some heavy plant machinery and playing musical chairs on four wheels.

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