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[ January 29th 2001 ]

CBS predicts the one night Superbowl event screened across the United States Sunday evening generated in access of $150m in advertising revenue with companies like Paramount Pictures paying up to $2.3m for their thirty second Tomb Raider trailer slot.

The revenue figure was up 4.5 per cent on last years total, with all sixty half-minute ad spaces successfully allotted to a frenzy of companies eager to spread their word across America. The Superbowl contest, between the New York Giants and the Baltimore Ravens, attracted the attention of more than 120 million viewers on Sunday 28th January. "In the fragmented [media] universe, the highest rated events are increasingly desirable to advertisers," CBS Network's vice president for advertising told reporters yesterday.

Paramount's two thirty second trailers, airing at a cost of $4.6m, boasted the studios upcoming conversion of Eidos Interactive's phenomenally successful Tomb Raider adventure game which features Oscar winning star Angelina Jolie as cyber babe Lara Croft.

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