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[ August 28th 2005 ]

Tomb Raider Chronicles has produced an exclusive series of screen shots from the entire Tomb Raider video-game series. Your journey begins in the icy caverns in Peru in Tomb Raider, then onto Italy to sail down the famous Venice canal in Tomb Raider II. After a brief respite, your adventure continues across the frozen Antarctic landscape in Tomb Raider 3.

Lara Croft returns to her origins in The Last Revelation as she journeys from Cambodia to Egypt in her quest to defeat Seth. A momentary pause of reflection in Tomb Raider Chronicles fills in missing pieces of Lara's turbulent past as a collection of old friends reminisce around a crackling fire.

The metropolitan connection comes into play in The Angel Of Darkness, as Lara Croft - on the run for a crime she did not commit - wages a one-girl war on a seedy Parisian underground movement as she seeks to avenge her mentor's death.

A new era begins in Tomb Raider Legend, as Lara regains her original properties as ardent Tomb Raider, procurer of all things ancient, and traverses the continents once again in search of an ancient myth with a haunt from her past in hot pursuit.

Our stunning collection of screen shots are the perfect ingredient for a long haul trip down memory lane, presented in our usual HQ format. Follow the orange hyperlinks above to collect the spoils for each Tomb Raider adventure.

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