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[ August 18th 2005 ]

WiredLabs, the definitive gaming entertainment company, announces the launch of GameFlex, a gaming account management system. GameFlex will allow gamers to access a wealth of gaming content through one central account system. The service aims to reach out to third parties who wish to simplify and enhance their offerings, and increase the visibility of their products through the GameFlex website.

Currently gaming is a fragmented entertainment medium with content and services distributed in many different locations, often hard to find for the casual gamer. GameFlex will unite all forms of gaming entertainment into one global gaming network. The Amped Gaming Network will be the first sites to utilize GameFlex. All 236,000 Amped accounts will be converted to GameFlex.

"With so much going on in gaming today, it's often hard for gamers to stay on top of everything. There are tons of great services and content sites out there that don't get used as much as they should. With GameFlex, we are trying to help gamers by making content and services easier to find and use, and helping third parties by giving them tools to enhance their products and get more gamers using them" says Ryan Schumacher, CEO of WiredLabs.

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