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[ January 28th 2001 ]

Former Tomb Raider model Nell McAndrew, currently co-presenting Meridian TV's CyberCafe, takes time out to talk to British Sunday tabloid The News Of The World who quizzed her on the fruits of her labour..

Former Tomb Raider model Nell McAndrew goes into meltdown at the thought of a fella getting fruity with a tub of her favourite frozen dessert. The sizzling blonde beauty told British tabloid News Of The World: "Iím not one of those weirdos whoíd like baked beans rubbed all over her. But lots of Wallís ice cream on me... now thatís lovely!" While thousands of men will be very interested to know that Nellís favourite flavour is strawberry, female fans might be wondering how the Big Breakfastís latest fitness guru can possibly cone-done scoffing tons of calorie-packed ice cream.

But Nell insisted: "So long as youíve done your exercise, you can reward yourself with all kinds of enjoyable treats." The 27-year-old babe, who made her Big Breakfast debut last week, added: "They told me that if there was a good reaction from viewers they might have me back on the show as a regular fitness guru.

"So I hope everyone writes in and tells them I was great!"

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