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[ January 28th 2001 ]

The final release of Paul Walton's much talked about Tomb Raider Save Game Editor is now available for download sporting a new and improved interface and providing instant replenishment of weapons, ammo and health at any point of your game.

How does it work?

Once you download the program, put copies of it in the same folders as where you save your games. If itís just an extra health pack you need, or if you want to go for it all and have an unlimited supply of health packs as well as an unlimited supply of ammo for every weapon in the game, you can have it. After youíve saved a game once, the TRsgEditor program gives you the ability to modify how many health packs you have, which weapons you have available, how much ammo each weapon has, and it even allows you to select objects that you may have missed somewhere along the way. Just double-click on the TRsgEditor program in the same folder as where you want to modify the savegame, and youíll be presented with a window. Each save that youíve made will show up across the top of the window. Select the one that you want to modify. Select or deselect objects and weapons. Enter new values for health packs and ammo, or just click the Maximize button to have it all.

No more struggling with cheat codes of finding North

This program works with all Tomb Raider games from Tomb Raider I to Tomb Raider Chronicles! * Some "baddie" gets in your way -- a couple of rounds from the Desert Eagle will do the job. * Had a rough time killing one of the "Bosses"? Select the Rocket Launcher and make short order of him. It's a BLAST!! Remember that cook that you snuck up on in the Submarine in Chronicles? Well, you canít kill him with any of the weapons. You have to do him in with the crow bar. This program changes your existing games into whole new experiences! And the great thing about it is that itís FREE.

Get your copy today ! As an Official outlet for Paul Waltonís software, you can always find the latest versions of his programs available for downloading here at

Download your copy of TRsgEditor now | requires WinZip

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