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[ August 12th 2005 ]

Tomb Raider Legend has earned a rather sterling review from those rather fine folk over at Official PS2 magazine, if this month's review is anything to go by. The team appear to have laid their mittens on a much sought after demo, and have this to say on the pixelated Goddess now under the surgeons knife at Crystal Dynamics.

"Lara Croft blows us away. We always dreamt it would be like this. Tomb Raider Legend arrives in the office, and it's unbelievably good. Stepping out into the sun-kissed buffs high on a Mayan mountain, she strutted forth. Our jaws? Floor-bound. Her majesty was a total shock - we had to check that is really was running on a PS2, the graphical polish is that impressive.

"This is a formidable Lara, one who's tough and adventurous, with responsive and natural animation. She looks real, or at least as real as a GC lady can be, as she traverses treasure troves using new adventure gear. The story has her chasing after a famous mythical artifact, although the item's identity is a secret being guarded by the developers."

Tomb Raider Legend has been tentatively slated for release during the opening quarter of 2006. The game will simultaneously release on PC DVD, Microsoft Xbox and Sony Playstation 2. Later incursions onto Xbox 360 and PSP have been confirmed by Eidos.

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