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[ July 29th 2005 ]

Feral Interactive on Friday announced that it will bring the epic strategy game Imperial Glory to the Mac during the fourth quarter. Set during the Napoleonic Wars of the late 18th and early 19th centuries, Imperial Glory lets players control one of five nations - France, Great Britain, Prussia, Russia or Austria - and decide its military, diplomatic and economic policies as they try to build their empires.

The action is turn-based, but the battles happen in real time, enabling players to make split-second decisions that could mean victory or defeat. Players move armies and fleets across a map containing 51 provinces and 31 maritime regions, with the ability to engage other nations on land or on water. Each turn, players also accumulate and allocate resources and make diplomatic decisions, such as arranging rights of passage through a foreign land, marrying a neighbor's royal heir to improve the relationship and more.

Each nation's military and technology advances according to trees similar to the ones found in other strategy titles. However, Imperial Glory throws a wildcard into that with the addition of quests that pop up based on a player's current situation. For example, a player might be tasked with sending troops to North Africa to find the Rosetta Stone, which grants a bonus to technological research. Other quests tie into real historical events that happened during the time period of the game.

Imperial Glory, which is already out on the PC through Eidos Interactive, is rated "T" for "Teen." Feral did not announce pricing or system requirements.

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