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[ January 26th 2001 ]

Following yesterdays announcement of profit warnings which sent Eidos Interactive's share price tumbling, several online gaming companies report today that Core's Next Generation of episodic Lara Croft based adventure games aimed specifically at PS2, XBOX and PC might not make this years release date, with a 2002 release date more likely.

Tomb Raider Next Generation, which adopts a complete change of direction from the current trend of Lara Croft titles, was originally planned for a fourth quarter 2001 release, but yesterdays announcement from Eidos that many of their developing titles may be delayed indicates that Lara won't be sitting in your stockings this Christmas. Eidos have rolled out a new Tomb Raider each year, and have come under much criticism from online media and games companies because of the lack of substantial improvement between Tomb Raider episodes. Had Eidos, following the initial release of Tomb Raider I, patiently waited and developed Chronicles as a sequel, the marked improvements would have taken the industry by storm. This is not to say that as each new adventure is annually rolled out, improvements to both it's mechanics, architecture and game play aren't evident, however, the frequent release of it's titles considerably softens the benchmark impact forcing loyal Tomb Raider supporters to feel they are getting much of the same.

Next Generation, aimed at a more adult audience, promises to break through the existing barriers and deliver a new gaming experience for fans. Early screen shots look breathtaking, and loyal supporters of the Tomb Raider genre will revel in the beauty and environmental spectacular which will power Next Gen. through an initial five year episodic span. Gamers will also have the option of downloading new adventures online, as well as the ability to play incidental adventures through the eyes of a host of new characters, their paths intertwined within the historic route of Lara Croft. The studio behind Next Gen. is also priming a new first person, multiplayer title called Project Eden, but yesterday announced their projected March release will be delayed until May for developmental attention. No official statement on either delayed titles or subsequent revised strategies has been made, but CORE Design have indicated a press release sometime this week.

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