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[ July 25th 2005 ]

Stream Theory, Inc., a division of Tadpole Technology plc, together with its Dutch channel partner StreamTech B.V., has licensed the patented StreamFlow™ games-on-demand platform to cable giant Essent Kabelcom for the purpose of delivering PC games to their '@Home' network subscribers throughout the Netherlands.

Initially subscribers will enjoy free trials of the on-demand games service, which will become commercially available early next year. A variety of genres and popular games, such as Tomb Raider: Angel of Darkness by Eidos Interactive and Colin McRae Rally 2004 by Codemasters, will be offered, with additional titles to be constantly added.

The StreamFlow platform takes over where CD's and downloads fall short. Gamers want the latest hits and popular favorites quickly and without the hassle of searching in stores for CD's or waiting for long downloads to complete, ultimately installing them on their PC's. Game publishers want to both extend their game distribution reach and fight CD piracy. Streaming, with shorter downloads and no installation, supports these goals.

"The on-demand games market is growing very rapidly throughout the Netherlands and Europe. Streaming is the only technology that can be assured to keep up with consumer demand," said Jimmy van der Have, President of StreamTech.

"The StreamFlow platform is the industry standard for providing the best customer gameplay experience, security for game developers and publishers, and ease of use for broadband Internet service providers. We are honored to be a partner with Essent Kabelcom to bring this entertaining and interactive experience to @Home subscribers."

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