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[ July 25th 2005 ]

Archaeologists have unearthed a haul of golden treasures from an ancient Thracian tomb in eastern Bulgaria. The gold-rich burial was discovered late on Saturday by a team of archaeologists working on excavations near the village of Zlatinitsa, some 290 kilometres (180 miles) east of the capital, Sofia, Associated Press reports today.

The find included a golden ring and wreath, finely crafted silver rhytons, or horn-shaped drinking vessels, and many golden and silver pieces of armour and horse trappings, Prof. Bozhidar Dimitrov told the Associated Press in a telephone interview.

"This was an extremely rich funeral, suggesting that the buried man could have been a Thracian king," Dimitrov said. "Although he was not buried according to Thracian traditions, all objects of art bear Thracian imagery."

Last year, another archaeological expedition discovered two vast Thracian tombs in the Kazanlak region, prompting archaeologists to name it "the Valley of Thracian Kings" in reference to the Valley of Kings near Luxor, Egypt, home to the tombs of Egyptian Pharaohs.

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