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[ July 21st 2005 ]

Angelina Jolie has been praised for saving the life of newly adopted Ethiopian daughter Zahara Marley by a leading U.S. paediatrician. The six-month-old baby was diagnosed with a salmonella intestinal infection as well as dehydration and malnutrition - conditions which would have led to her death in her African homeland, WENN reports.

Expert Dr. Jane Aronson says, "Children with those conditions living in orphanages in developing nations can die quickly without the proper medical interventions. That would have been Zahara's fate had she not been adopted by Angelina and brought to the US for medical care. In spite of her illness, she was very sweet, engaging and responsive. When she regained her strength she began to smile and coo.

"She was very connected to her mother during her hospitalization. It was clear that the love and devotion of her mother along with the antibiotics, intravenous fluids, and formula helped her to recover."

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