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[ July 15th 2005 ]

Toby Gard, creator of Lara Croft and lead designer on Tomb Raider Legend, comments on Lara's new model as "a natural evolution. We're now using close to 10,000 polygons, so we're able to make her look much more realistic. She even gets wet when she goes into water, and she gets dirty if she rolls around in filthy tombs long enough."


Toby Gard describes Tomb raider Legend as a "completely new start for Lara." Lara Croft will be searching for a valuable English artefact, pursued by corrupt forces led by an old nemesis long thought dead and buried. Many aspects of Lara's history will be addressed in Tomb Raider Legend, including an incident which occurred in the Himalayas.


Lara will be more athletic than ever before! Rope swinging, bar swinging, climbing, crawling, jumping and shooting, swan diving, swimming are just a tiny sample of moves seen so far. Crystal Dynamics has hinted at acrobatics on par with Prince of Persia.

Combat is going to be more in-depth in Tomb Raider Legend. The shooting is still automatic, but with a clever twist. From time to time, an icon will show that Lara has locked onto an explosive barrel or a rope that she can blast with a simple tap of a button. During combat, Lara can perform the following actions: crouch, reload, melee attack, fire blind, take aim, throw grenades and switch weapons.

Lara's enemies will be smarter than ever. Enemies will respond to the ever-changing combat situation in intelligent ways, such as moving to flank Lara when she is pinned down, dodging grenades, and calling for backup.

Weapons and Equipment

Lara will have her trademark double pistols at her side. In addition, frag grenades, machine gun turrets, a shotgun, revolver, RPG and automatic weapons have all been confirmed to return. Lara wears all her equipment on her body (no more infinite backpack). When you use a grenade, it disappears off her belt. In addition to her pistols and grenades, Lara can only carry one weapon at a time which she can pick up from fallen enemies.

A magnetic grappling hook can be used to swing over pits of spikes and in other puzzle situations. Other equipment includes flares, binoculars, a torch and a Bluetooth headset, used to keep in touch with the 2 man team back at Croft Manor via picture-in-picture video.


There are 8 location confirmed for the game. Levels known so far include: Ghana, West Africa, Russia, Bolivia, Peru, Malaysia / Kuala Lumpur and Tokyo.


The only vehicle confirmed so far is the super-bike which is hinted to be the main vehicle in the game. However, the game will contain a number of other vehicles yet to be confirmed.

Game Mechanics

The game uses a modified version of the 'defiance' engine used in games like LOK: Defiance and Project: Snowblind. Puzzles will now be more physics based and open-ended, with multiple ways for Lara to solve them. The game has a "softness filter" which smoothes out angular edges and takes care of aliasing. The result is an amazing looking game.

The revamped control system provides intuitive and fluid character movement. Dynamic animation system puts focus on continuous motion, giving Lara the ability to seamlessly handle any obstacle and interact dynamically with any surface.

Release Date

Winter 2005 / Early 2006


PS2, PC, Xbox, Xbox 360. While all versions will fundamentally be the same, Toby Gard has confirmed that the Xbox and PC versions of the game will have higher-resolution textures, a higher frame rate and faster load times.

There will also be widescreen support for the XBox version. Toby Gard has also confirmed the Xbox version will "support a jukebox function which will be fun in Croft Manor. You'll basically be able to play a stereo when training."

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