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[ July 13th 2005 ]

A vast number of our readers are wondering when they can expect another update on Tomb Raider Legend, so we've been in touch with Eidos and put forward your questions. SCi Entertainment Group recently acquired Eidos plc and are busy assimilating the company and re-structuring the internal hierarchy.

This culminated in the recent appointment of Bill Gardner as CEO of Eidos' U.S. publishing operations. While Eidos are unable to specify a concrete date for the release of more information on Tomb Raider Legend, they assure us Crystal Dynamics are pressing ahead with development while the re-organising process continues.

We would like to assure our readers that Tomb Raider Chronicles continues to check in with Eidos on a daily basis, and as soon as new information becomes available, our readers will be the first to hear about it. In the meantime, our Tomb Raider Legend microsite contains every single shred of media and info released to date.

Be sure to check back daily for new information and updates.

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