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[ July 12th 2005 ]

Tomb Raider star Djimon Hounsou has saddled up with Irish rock star Bono in lobbying for African scholars to give back to their homeland and eradicate corruption rife among politicians and leaders, WENN reports today. Hounsou, a native of Benin, Africa, says today's top minds can help him achieve that.

"So many countries in Africa have not really had great leaders because of corruption, so I'm working with Bono in trying to find ways to get African scholars and African artists together to find solutions to end corruption in some of the places." Hounsou said.

"We do need to improve in trading with the West and we do need to improve on an education level. We do need to end corruption. We need help, but more than anything, Africa needs to be able to trade with the West. That's the only way we can be self-sufficient.

"The continent which stood for so much and was the cradle of life has become the cradle of death. Everybody has gone to Africa and everybody has drawn or gotten something from Africa. I think it's about time we gave something back to that continent."

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