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[ July 3rd 2005 ]

Angelina Jolie has said her experiences in Africa and Asia has taught her about the value of human life, referring to her trouble childhood. The Tomb Raider star says witnessing first hand the squalid conditions and deprivation experienced by millions of refugees has made her realise how lucky she is.

Jolie, referring to her own childhood, told reporters: "The doctor was probably going on about my father and mother while I was doing acid on the weekends and bleeding underneath my clothes.

"I think now that if somebody would have taken me at 14 and dropped me in the middle of Asia or Africa, I'd have realised how self-centred I was, and that there was real pain and real death real things to fight for. I wouldn't have been fighting myself so much." Jolie said.

Angelina Jolie joined fellow Mr & Mrs Smith co-star Brad Pitt in London to promote Live 8, a series of concerts aimed at raising awareness of the plight of those starving in third world countries and to lobby G8 leaders into taking action by introducing aid relief and writing off debt.

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