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[ June 23rd 2005 ]

Lara Croft creator Toby Gard has revealed details on Tomb Raider Legend, currently under development at Eidos-owned studio Crystal Dynamics. Speaking to Official XBOX Magazine, Gard confirms Croft Manor will once again provide a training platform for Lara Croft and will sport an extra special bonus for XBOX players.

"The Xbox version will also feature new aspects not seen with any of the other versions. There are obvious differences such as higher-resolution textures, but we're also going to be supporting a jukebox function which will be fun in Croft Manor. You'll basically be able to play a stereo when training - it'll be quite cool." Gard tells Official XBOX Magazine.

On the return of Lara's fussing butler Winston, Gard says: "No. Tomb Raider Legend is a completely new start for Lara. We're not revealing how the story unfolds just yet but what I can say is that Lara travels across many continents on a quest for a mystical artefact rumoured to hold secrets of the past.

Skirting any real plot information, Gard does confirm that Lara Croft will be "confronted by corrupt forces led by a figure from her past thought dead. No characters from the past games play an important role though."

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