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[ June 21st 2005 ]

Senator Charles Schumer has launched an vicious assault on Eidos' forthcoming 25 To Life video-game which the New York Democrat claims "makes Grand Theft Auto look like Romper Room." 25 To Life invites gamers to dispense with the usual pleasantries and pop off just about anyone, including the local law enforcement, a detail Schumer has taken offence to.

Schumer is lobbying console makers Microsoft Corp. and Sony Corp. to boycott their licensing agreements with Eidos. "The last thing we need here in New York is to reinforce a destructive culture of violence and disrespect for the law. Little Johnny should be learning how to read, not how to kill cops," Schumer said in separate comments.

This will no doubt rekindle the debate on violence in video-games, and if there is any correlation to crime in our modern society. In August 2001, Eidos was discharged from a $1b lawsuit bought forward by families of victims from America's Columbine High School Massacre who claimed video-games directly influenced the shooting and made "violence pleasurable and disconnected from reality."

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