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[ January 20th 2001 ]

Eidos Interactives latest Tomb Raider title Chronicles has become one of forty video games to benefit from's new streaming media allowing users of broadband technology to play selected demo's online without downloading data.

"FirstLook's identity and success is based on providing previews to our audience to help them make the right entertainment choices," said Rand Bleimeister, founder and CEO of FirstLook. presents our new previews in the highest quality streaming audio and video, and adding streaming interactive software to deliver game previews is a logical progression. We are confident Stream Theory's streaming software technology will increase the number of delivered game previews and add another reason for broadband users to return to our site."

The first time users stream the demos they will have to install the 1.8MB Stream Theory Player on their PC. Because the software is streamed to the user's desktop, there is no installation, no downloading, and no uninstalling of files.

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