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[ June 15th 2005 ]

Hollywood superstar Vin Diesel has been tapped to star as Eidos' ruthless killer Agent 47 in 20th Century Fox's upcoming adaptation of Hitman. Developed by IO Interactive, Hitman stars Agent 47, a ruthless gun for hire who has a clean-shaven head and always wears a stylish black suit. The assassin is hired by 'the Agency' to kill targets for cash.

According to Reuters News Agency, Eidos and IO Interactive plan to hold discussions with Diesel and his game company, Tigon Studios, to work on the next installment of the game franchise. If a deal is reached, Diesel will assume the virtual role of Agent 47 by providing his voice and likeness in the new game. The new game is expected to ship in conjunction with the film.

The Hitman franchise has sold more than 2.6 million units and generated more than $96.3 million in the U.S., according to the NPD Group. The franchise has sold more than 8 million copies worldwide, according to Eidos, which also was the company behind the Tomb Raider franchise.

Our verdict: Let's hope it fairs better than the train wreck that was Lara Croft Tomb Raider.

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