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[ January 19th 2001 ]

Gamers gearing towards Sony's Playstation II could receive an extra Easter present this summer following a report by FGN Online on Tomb Raider the movie and the future of Eidos Interactives adventure series which is aimed at the next generation of gaming consoles.

According to a producer on the upcoming Tomb Raider movie, future PlayStation 2 TR games will feature some very special goodies indeed. Lloyd Levin, a producer working on the movie, told Variety, "We have a very successful relationship with Eidos and Core Design. We've taken plates of our sets, scanned and digitized them so that they can be included in future games. "We've also included a hidden code throughout the movie, which can be used to access special levels in the videogames or unlock features on the DVD. Although nothing has been finalized, we've left ourselves wide open to all different possibilities. There are so many extensions of the Tomb Raider world."

The Tomb Raider movie/game tie-in genre looks set to dominate the action adventure market once again, recently confirmed by the revelation that the British gaming industry is once again leading the world in vision and technology. The Next Generation of episodic based Tomb Raider titles should hit the shelves fourth quarter of 2001, with the release of Paramount's Silver Screen conversion premiering June 15th.

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