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[ June 5th 2005 ]

Calling Tomb Raider fans everywhere. Are you a dab hand with Adobe Photoshop? An illustrator perhaps, or a movie mogul? Have you penned Tomb Raider fiction, or wielded poetry about British adventurer Lara Croft?

Tomb Raider Forums is looking for talented individuals to showcase their work on Earth's biggest Lara Croft Tomb Raider forum. Whether you're a novice or seasoned professional, you are cordially invited to join Tomb Raider Forums and take up residence in our spanking new Artwork, Movies and Writings forum where your work will be broadcast across the globe.

If you're just starting out creating your own masterpiece, you'll find our Tomb Raider Media Kit just the ticket. Our media kit features True Type Fonts from Tomb Raider Legend and The Angel Of Darkness, game logos and transparent PSD's of Lara Croft.

Simply join Tomb Raider Forums today and broadcast your work to the world!

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