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[ June 3rd 2005 ]

Swedish born composer Marcus Trogen has been producing music underscored by the familiar sound of the Tomb Raider video-game series for almost five years, culminating with the release of Wild Waves Whisper, based on a poem written by Ocean Sirius, in December 2004.

To commemorate a successful term in the business, Marcus has released a music video to accompany The Old Man, a composition dedicated to Lara Croft's fussing butler Winston from Tomb Raider II. "One always tends to remember Winston the butler running after Lara carrying a tea-tray, sometimes letting off pressure." Marcus recalls. "You don't easily forget such details, and he's certainly made an impression on people."

Marcus is beginning to forge a path in the direction of video production, and his first project is a music video to accompany The Old Man. Recalling the famous training course from Tomb Raider II, Marcus begins sowing the pieces together with enthusiasm and passion. "There is a sports arena located in my town, which I thought would be the perfect location to shoot scenes. My idea was to take some real shots, and provide a sort of blend between Lara's training course and real life footage."

The final production is an amusing trip down memory lane, and demonstrates that with a little imagination, anything becomes possible. "What I'd like to emphasize with this is that you can achieve a great deal with the simplest of tools. All it takes is imagination, one of the greatest gifts given to man."

The Old Man composition is available from Marcus Trogen's official web site www.marcustrogen.com and the spanking new music video can be collected via the hyperlink below.

The Old Man music video

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