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[ June 1st 2005 ]

Further to the announcement by Eidos plc on 18 May 2005 regarding the appointment of new directors, the Company today confirms the following: "In addition to directorships of Eidos plc, the names of all publicly quoted companies of which they are currently directors or have been directors at any time in the five years prior to the date of this document are as follows: Jane Cavanagh SCi Entertainment Group plc, Bill Ennis SCi Entertainment Group plc, Rob Murphy SCi Entertainment Group plc. "

Jane Cavanagh is a former director of Stainless Software Limited ("Stainless"), a position she held as representative of SCi Entertainment Group plc ("SCi") because SCi held a 25.1 per cent. shareholding in Stainless. The shareholding was held as part of a commercial relationship under which Stainless developed products for SCi.

After the commercial relationship between SCi and Stainless ended, Stainless Software Limited was placed into administrative receivership following the appointment by VIS Interactive plc (under powers contained in a fixed charge over the assets of Stainless Software Limited dated 25 June 1998) of administrative receivers on 14 September 1999. The receiver ceased to act on 9 September 2002 following various payments to VIS Interactive plc. The Company believes that the overall shortfall (before shareholders) was approximately GBP 280,000.

Jane Cavanagh is a former director, as SCi's representative, of PGL Realisations Limited (formerly Pivotal Games Limited), a company in which SCi held a 10 per cent. shareholding. Jane Cavanagh resigned as a director of PGL Realisations Limited in July 2003 following approximately three months in office because, in view of the way in which the company was managed by its majority shareholders, it was not possible for her to determine whether the company was a going concern.

Pivotal Games Limited was placed into administrative receivership on 5 September 2003 following the appointment of an administrative receiver. The receiver ceased to act on 23 September 2004. Further to the statement of affairs dated 30 September 2003, the estimated deficit to creditors was estimated at approximately GBP 2.07 million.

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