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[ May 31st 2005 ]

The Writers' Guild of Great Britain, in conjunction with BAFTA's Interactive Games Committee, is pleased to announce that on 22 June 2005 it will hold its first ever computer games industry forum in BAFTA's David Lean Room, central London. The Guild would like to invite developers, publishers, writers and those working across the games and multimedia industry to attend this inaugural event.

Opened by a panel representing leading companies and established writers from within the games industry and covering topics such as storylining MMORPGs, condensing text for mobiles or simply producing higher quality GDDs, the evening will ask the question "how can writers and the industry work together to help produce better and more profitable games?"

With a growing demand for games scripts, storylines and dialogue to equal those developed and produced by the TV and Film industries and many publishers and IP brand managers now requiring a professional writer to be involved in projects, how can you get the most out of a writer? Can writers be a help or a hindrance? How do you find a writer? What does a writer expect from you and what should you expect of a writer? When in the games development process should a writer be employed?

Tackling these and many more essential questions the evening aims, with your input, to produce an industry's user guide to help both writers and the industry find the best in each other.

Developers, publishers and writers wishing to attend this BAFTA event should visit www.writersguild.org.uk for further information.

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