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[ May 20th 2005 ]

As E3 prepares to close its doors to the gaming industry for another year, more information has been gleaned about one of this year's most anticipated titles: Tomb Raider Legend. Eidos used E3 as a vehicle to showcase Lara Croft - now under the aegis of Crystal Dynamics - and fired off some tasters to wet the appetites of fans of the franchise.

Tomb Raider Legend will contain three check points, and sport three difficulty levels aimed at novices to seasoned gamers alike. During her adventure, Lara will meet a new female adversary, perhaps a haunt from her past, in her quest to untangle an ancient myth and recover a priceless artifact. Armed with a battery of new weapons and realistic moves, Lara Croft will be aided with the latest technological gizmos including a high tech communicator which will relay information "back to base" in an effort to co-ordinate her mission.

Crystal Dynamics will use state of the art streaming technology throughout the game which revolutionises the way hardware can process graphics by purging redundant memory. Attention to detail will include apparel which becomes soiled during Lara's adventures. Crystal Dynamics have created three monstrous areas which seamlessly bind game-play and puzzle solving elements to free roaming adventure and intrigue. One scene, as depicted in the official Tomb Raider Legend game trailer, will feature a huge waterfall in Ghana, Africa, which parts after the solution of an intricate puzzle.

Fans of Croft Manor will revel in the news that Lara's mansion will appear in Tomb Raider Legend, and one can only speculate that Lara's fussing butler Jeeves may reprise his role. Eidos anticipates the game will take approx 10-12 hours to complete, although moot a replay factor for those bent on exploring every crevice and cranny along the way.

Both PC, Sony Playstation 2 and XBOX versions will release simultaneously sometime during the Winter. Stay tuned for more information and collect a bevy of E3 media HERE.

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