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[ May 14th 2005 ]

Another visual delight of mouth-watering, polygon dripping proportions awaits our dear readers with this exclusive release of Animal Logic's Lucozade commercial in Ultra HQ presentation. Eidos teamed up with GlaxoSmithKline Group in early 2000 and launched a joint promotional campaign to propel Lucozade - the high energy sports drink - to the masses. Five animated commercials were produced by leading digital animators Animal Logic.

Tomb Raider Chronicles is proud to present, in stupendously mouth-watering, polygon dripping quality, the original Lara Croft Lucozade commercial like you've never seen before. Follow the below hyperlink and indulge in one of this generation's most potent video-game franchises to date.

Our exclusive Super HQ Lucozade commercial can be collected HERE and the original five Animal Logic Lara Croft Lucozade commercials can be found HERE.

Lara Croft Lucozade commercials

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