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[ April 25th 2005 ]

Virtual Egyptian Museum brings together a collection of antiquities never shown before in the New World. In a virtual museum, the almost unlimited amount of space available for information and the negligible overhead required for redundant information makes it possible to provide the visitor with complete historical, geographical, sociological, religious, economic and technological context for each and every object.

For instance, the description of a simple iridescent glass khol tube from 4th century Syria can be presented along with maps of its geographical origin (political, topographic, economic maps at several scales), a discussion of 4th century Syria, an overview of contemporary history in the rest of the world, background information on ancient glass as a material, background information on glass blowing as a technique, a discussion of glass iridescence as a conservation phenomenon, a discussion on the use and composition of kohl, and a write up on the commerce of cosmetics in the Eastern Roman empire.

Immerse yourself in ancient Egypt by exploring Virtual Egyptian Museum.

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