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[ April 22nd 2005 ]

Spanish enthusiast magazine 'Hobby Consolas' has revealed new details on Tomb Raider Legend including the guarded technical specs attached to newly overhauled Lara Croft - now under the aegis of Crystal Dynamics. According to the magazine, Lara Croft is now composed of 9800 polygons that are positively dripping realism, instead of the 4400 attached to the model used in The Angel Of Darkness.

Commenting on the control system, Hobby Consolas reveals that although Lara's control will differ considerably from that in AOD, "it won't be difficult to learn because it will keep Tomb Raider's classic style", adhering to the original properties of Tomb Raider as mooted by Eidos last year.

Environmental interactivity will be higher than ever, and attention to detail will include the soiling of apparel during the course of Lara's adventures. Although the actual storyline has been cloaked in a veil of secrecy, we now learn that Lara Croft will trapeze across the skyline of Malaysia in what appears to be a high-tech level. Crystal Dynamics will also use the latest video-game technology to create an ambient mood throughout the game with the use of sophisticated lighting techniques.

New items for use along the way include a battery of weapons, a magnetic rope, binoculars, fragmentation grenades, portable lighting equipment and Lara's trusted communications system which no doubt will tap a commercial tie-in with a popular mobile phone manufacturer.

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