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[ April 15th 2005 ]

Project management and funding specialists Fund4Games has acquired the assets of videogames publisher Acclaim Europe, which went into administration in 2004. Two titles which were in production at Acclaim's Manchester Studio are now being completed and Fund4Games is actively seeking publishing partners for Interview With A Made Man and ATV3.

Development is being carried out in Manchester by a team who previously worked on the titles with Acclaim, ensuring continuity within the design and development process. Both titles will be displayed behind closed doors at E3 in Los Angeles in May 2005. Another two Acclaim games titles, also acquired by Fund4Games are still being evaluated by the company.

Fund4Games is a unique and innovative organisation which provides both project management and funding for the development of videogame properties. The company finances individual projects, rather than investing in companies which gives a much greater freedom to work with new development studios or smaller publishers.

Fund4Games has worked on a number of titles in the past two years including the highly anticipated street racing game Juiced (due for release in May), World Championship Rugby (which reached number 2 in the French and UK charts) and Urban Freestyle Soccer.

Tim Gatland, the Chief Executive of Fund4Games, said, "Acquiring the assets of Acclaim's European operation is a significant step for Fund4Games, but one we believe fits very well with the company's ongoing strategy. Interview With A Made Man and ATV 3 are now being completed by a superb team and we're now contacting publishers who may be interested in the titles. We're very pleased with the progress made to date and we're looking forward to a successful development and release of the titles."

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