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[ April 13th 2005 ]

Nokia and THQ Wireless today announced Worms World Party, the wacky and addictive strategy title for the N-Gage platform, is expected to start shipping this week. Worms World Party gives gamers the chance to truly design their own fun in this battlefield action with a shot of serious fun. The game features co-op and head-to-head multiplayer gaming modes allowing players to compete for wormy world domination locally via Bluetooth wireless technology or internationally over the N-Gage Arena.

"Worms World Party on the N-Gage game deck combines the highly amusing, customisable game play you expect from the title with unique multiplayer options. Now fans can enjoy this loveable franchise whenever they want and wherever they are," says Pasi Pölönen, Director, Games Publishing, Nokia.

In Worms World Party, players lead their team of humorously animated worms into battle to destroy all other teams and to gain total control of the battlefield. Choose from a hugely diverse range of weapons and attacks, from simple shotguns, grenades, and fire punches, to exploding sheep, homing pigeon and mole bombs. As well as a great arsenal, you can choose to traverse the bizarre environments in a number of unique ways from ninja ropes and rocket packs to teleporting – you'll be a worm of the world by the end of the game.

As a single player, take one of the 19 training missions before launching into one of 25 real missions and then customize your own mission to ensure no two battles are ever the same.

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