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[ January 15th 2001 ]

In a report publish by Macworld today, Westlake Interactive, which develops titles for software publisher Aspyr for the MAC platform, confirmed it's intentions for Eidos Interactives Tomb Raider series.

"We're in our quiet period now - the industry tends to focus on the holiday season. We are working on the next Tomb Raider title, Tomb Raider Chronicles. We'll start working on this soon, and expect to see it released in early spring. We have another two or three titles we are negotiating at present."

Westlake has begun doing some work for console-games publishers. Company spokesman Mark was adamant that this did not mean the company is migrating from the Mac. Mark added: "We love the Mac, we began on the Mac. But, console-game development poses an interesting challenge, and it does make good business sense.

"When we finish developing a console title, it's always good to get back to Mac development. You see, with consoles, part of the challenge rests in their very specific hardware configurations - you have limited memory and this limits what you can do. Mac development is much more creative."

Westlake Interactive is already responsible for bringing Eidos' The Last Revelation to the Mac platform, topping it's respective genre chart list.

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