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[ March 31st 2005 ]

Original Lara Croft architect Toby Gard has once again reacquainted himself with the buxom gun-swinger he helped create at Core Design in 1995, and has given a candid interview to PSM magazine on the future of Tomb Raider. Now working with Crystal Dynamics - the studio charged by Eidos to rejuvenate the Tomb Raider series - Gard has scored an instrumental role in both the artistic development of Lara Croft and future direction of the series.

Speaking to PSM magazine, Gard explains his vision for Lara Croft. "My goal was to make the old girl look a bit different. Something more modern, more up-to-date." The May edition of PSM magazine scores an exclusive 'first look' at the new Lara Croft, and Gard qualifies the transition from cartoon stylisation to a more realistic heroine. "It seemed to me that it would be good to find a balance between the caricature that Lara was and the need to be more realistic."

PSM magazine (U.S. version) should hit news stands around April 10th, be sure to collect a copy for a glimpse of the brand new Lara Croft and to garner some details on what to expect from Tomb Raider Legend.

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