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[ January 13th 2001 ]

Following a recent article on the merchandise accompanying Paramount Pictures summer 2001 blockbuster Tomb Raider, Toyfare Magazine sports a Lara Croft figurine on it's front cover, and has this to say about Playmates new Tomb Raider collection.

Everyone's favourite gunslinger Lara Croft heads for the big screen this summer and, fortunately for toy collectors, they'll be a full line of toys to go with her. An assortment of six inch figures, featuring four Lara figures along with the villainous Stone Warrior, should hit the shelves a few months before the movies June 17th release.

Each figure will feature Lara in a different costume, including her combat gear, leather motor cycle outfit, Artic gear and Cambodian gear, which according to Playmates Toys spokesman John Stelener, consists of a tank top and cameo pants. Also in store for Lara is a movie-related two pack." The two pack consists of Lara and a training robot." said Stelener. Like each of the other six inch figures, Lara comes complete with projectile firing weapons.

A pair of twelve inch Lara figures is also set to hit this spring. Look for Lara in her combat gear as well as her motocycle leathers. More details including purchase and shipping options here.

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