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[ January 12th 2001 ]

Movie magazine Empire Online's covert spy reports from the Pinewood set of Tomb Raider entering it's final two weeks of production.

Christmas may have been and gone, but Empire Online is still receiving presents, as these fantastic shots from the set of Tomb Raider show. An anonymous Lara fan emailed Empire these this morning with further plot details from the production at Pinewood Studios. As the plot details include some spoilers, we've left these details to the last paragraph - read them at your peril. The photographs show details from the two Tomb Raider sets that have been built on the massive 007 stage at Pinewood. One is a representation of the interior of the temple at Angkor Wat where location filming took place last year. It features a large gold Buddha and numerous statues of monkeys that come to life and hurl spears at the unfortunate Ms Croft.

The second set - where Angelina Jolie was seen yesterday kicking bad-guy ass - centres around a huge mechanical model of the solar system that emerges from a bubbling pool and begins revolving while Lara gets physical with her adversaries. With only two scheduled weeks of shooting left at Pinewood Studios, the cast and crew are working hard to ensure the completion before this summer's release date. The Empire Online spy reveals new plot details namely that Lara's father Lord Croft dies when she's young and leaves her the family mansion. A minor planetary alignment triggers both a dream sequence and a mysterious ticking sound in the house. Upon discovery of this hidden clock, Lara uses the clues the late Lord left her to embark on an international quest to find the halves of a broken triangular artifact that holds the universe together. The expedition becomes a race against her dastardly opponents through arctic wasteland, jungles and temples to find the relics before the imminent astrological conjunction occurs.

Tomb Raider the movie is set for a June 15th release and is tipped to be the first in a series of three Lara Croft adventures, all of which will star Angelina Jolie as Eidos Interactives action adventurer.

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