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[ January 11th 2001 ]

Gamespot UK's Justin Calvert takes a look at preview code for the next generation of Duke Nukem on Playstation to find the robust adventurer playing more like a girl....

It's true. In Duke Nukem: Land Of The Babes our bubble gum-chewing hero's control method bears more than a passing resemblance to that of the delectable Miss Croft. The level designs in Land of the Babes are such that the Duke is required not only to run, jump and shoot to succeed but also swim, climb, swing on monkey bars and shimmy along cracks in walls and the like. Sound familiar? Even Nukem fans might be surprised by the sheer quantity of female flesh on show in Land Of The Babes, which to its credit appears to do exactly what it says on the tin.

All of the early levels we've played to date feature scantily clad females in some form or other and the intro sequence is arguably the bounciest to appear on the PlayStation to date. Although this action-packed intro would have you believe that many of the babes in question are quite capable of handling firearms and looking after themselves, our limited experiences of them in the game thus far lead us to believe otherwise. They seem far more comfortable with the idea of getting themselves captured and subsequently rescued by the muscular Mr Nukem than putting up a fight on their own.

This follows the discovery some months ago of a guest appearance by Miss Croft in a Nukem adventure, although her acting abilities didn't amount to much as her body appeared littered about a cave. Perhaps some friendly rivalry here...?

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