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[ March 9th 2005 ]

The former head of ION Storm Studio - Warren Spector - has resurfaced and will begin working on a new project, reports GameSpot. Speaking at the Game Developers Conference in San Francisco, Spector announced the formation of Junction Point Studios but remained tight-lipped on what the developers are currently working on. Although Spector abandoned ION Storm Studio in 2004, speculation from numerous industry sources suggested he would not sever his ties completely with Eidos, with some factions linking him to the next Tomb Raider title, currently being developed by Crystal Dynamics.

Late last year Eidos confirmed legendary game designer Warren Spector had quit his role at acclaimed studio ION Storm after months of speculation. "Eidos announces that Warren Spector has relinquished his role as Studio Director at Ion Storm" said a spokesperson for Eidos.

Warren Spector has been creating games underscored by silence and shadows for almost 10 years, culminating in the best selling Thief trilogy, System Shock and more recent Deus EX - the first to be created under the aegis of Ion Storm Entertainment. More to follow.

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