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[ March 8th 2005 ]

Eidos has engaged the official Project Snowblind Stat Server and invites gamers to register and record their scores and battle for a top position on a global table of top players. Project: Snowblind is set in a near future Hong Kong, the year is 2065. 2nd Lt. Nathan Frost is just a regular grunt until he volunteers for a super-soldier transformation for an international army called the Liberty Coalition.

A painful series of surgeries gives Frost extra-normal abilities via implanted enhancements, which place him on the frontlines of a war against a destructive regime. After a military coup leaves him stranded in hostile territory and cut off from command with only a handful of men, Frost must stop the militia's secret weapon that threatens to plunge the world into darkness.


Click HERE to register and record to Eidos' Project Snowblind Stat Server.

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