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[ February 22nd 2005 ]

Eidos plc, one of the world's leading publishers and developers of entertainment software, today announced it will ship to stores across North America the highly-anticipated Project: Snowblind for the PlayStation 2 computer entertainment system and Xbox video game system from Microsoft on February 22, 2005. The game will be available at major retailers nationwide beginning on February 23, 2005. Project: Snowblind follows the story of one man's transformation from soldier to bio-enhanced super human. The result of which will bring forth a revolution in the first-person shooter (FPS) genre.

Project: Snowblind puts gamers in the role of Nathan Frost, a 2nd Lieutenant of the Liberty Coalition. Nathan is mortally injured during a rescue mission; as a result he unknowingly undergoes a highly experimental procedure that saves his fleeting life. The result of this procedure has changed Nathan into something super human. He is now the perfect weapons system with abilities that far surpass those of the average soldier.

In Project: Snowblind gamers will be exposed to a multitude of gadgetry and weaponry befitting a 21st century super soldier. Nathan's arsenal of tools will include items such as riot walls (deployable energy shields), spiderbots, ice picks (used specifically for hacking), cloaking shields, etc. His weapons chest includes a host of new and futuristic weapons such as the Flechette gun and Rail Laser to name a few as well as tried and true favorites of the FPS genre such as a Shot Gun and Rocket Launcher.

"In Project: Snowblind, our goal was to provide the player with a myriad of options in terms of weapons, gadgets and augmented abilities. It is up to you to combine them to your imagination's content," says John Chowanec Producer for Project: Snowblind. "Given the battlefield chaos in Project: Snowblind, we're arming you with a sandbox within which you can play out some of your most destructive ideas. Happy shooting!"

Project: Snowblind was developed by Crystal Dynamics.

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